Many programs including Quicktime, iTunes, Winamp, Realplayer and VLC are supported for listening on your computer. We recommend Quicktime or the StreamS player for iPhone.

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We have turned on the switch that enables the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel to come alive.

Now more players can be used to enjoy the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel.

Our original AAC+ super high quality streams are still available and will give you an extroardinary listening experience. LISTEN Click here for the AAC+ stream.

We now offer an MP3 version which will stream to devices which will not play AAC+ streams such as some smartphones and some internet radio's. LISTEN Click here for the MP3 version of the stream.

Do you want to listen to the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel in your car while driving? Then click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There has been a change to the Apple OSX 10.9 software that causes the link to not come up as expected. It stalls after opening. We suggest you use the VLC Player instead of iTunes on that platform.

Check back because this is the spot where you will be able to click and get this service and information about developments.

It is brought to you by the people you have counted on for Jazz on the radio in Pittsburgh for over 20 years. Familiar voices, familiar sounds.

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"Keep a bit of love in your heart, and a taste of jazz in your soul."